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Last Minute Christmas Wish

'Twas the night before Christmas,

And all your mind,

A worry was stirring

That you couldn’t find...

The right gift for your loved-one,

liked-one, or friend!

Will they really like these tube socks?

Do they even follow this trend?

Then ping in inbox,

Good tiding galore!

It’s not too late for a new gift

You can still get one more!

Run to Barnes & Noble

(Or your local hobby shop),

Call ahead to make sure,

And then run fast, don’t stop!

There’s Side Effects aplenty,

You can buy one right there,

Or buy two or three maybe,

For your aunt’s cousin’s friend Claire!

And if you can’t make the trek,

Relax and stay calm,

You can always overnight it,

If this sounds like we’re selling out,

Or we def have no shame,

We’re a indie game company, brah —

We’re allowed to be lame.

We hope this totally original poem that was inspired by nothing helps you to find one last gift during the holidays. After all, 'tis the season to spend money and make happy!

But now onto more serious business...

Can someone answer this question?

We have a question that we are just dying to get your thoughts on. Please, someone answer it in the comments below.

If you could liquify the entire 12 days of Christmas

and drink one cup of it,

would you survive?

List your reasons for yes or no. We wanna hear from scientists, nutritionists, doctors, Christmasologists, and anyone else who has an opinion on this.

Please, we must know!

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