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The Hex Effects Trailer is live!

Wanna see Hex Effects in action? Check out the game trailer and get medievally pumped for the Kickstarter campaign — live on May 16.

Now, follow the campaign page via the button below. The page is just a preview right now, but if you click on Notify me on launch, you'll know exactly when the page goes live.

And if you're reading this after May 16, then that link will be to our live campaign!

If you're reading this after June 13, then I'm sorry the campaign has ended.

If you're reading this in the year 2054, what's it like? Do we finally have flying cars? They sound dangerous. I want one.

Reviews are rolling in

Check out the first review for Hex Effects, from Unfiltered Gamer!

NOTE: The Jinx card is not in the final game — it was sent to reviewers to play test but we don't plan on including it in this run. Unless... maybe... if we do really well on this Kickstarter. We'll see.

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