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Meet your makers

We are your humble creators. We ask nothing of you but to play our games.



Ben Bronstein



Jade Shames



Jen Igartua



Kat Thek



Pillbox Games was founded in 2017 by a group of weirdos

Jade Shames brought his prototype of a game he was calling Lunacy to a party and played it with a group of semi-enthused people. The prototype was crudely made from clipart and 3x5 index cards. Ben Bronstein, a skilled artist and avid game fan, took one look at it and knew there was something there. After many iterations, play tests, and the induction of two more members to assist with creative development, business, and marketing, the first game from Pillbox Games was born.


Since the beginning, our priorities have been to make games that play exceptionally well, provoke discussions & commentary, and look great on your coffee table. We want our games to be works of art in their own right — telling a story visually, intellectually, and experientially. We believe that just like art, games are be both  provocative & clever, and fun & exhilarating.


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