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Solve for six missing words, using enigmatic clues and a penchant for rhymes. The words are divided into three couplets, separated by ampersands.

All words on the left side of the ampersands rhyme,

as do the ones on the right.

Beat the Ampersandi and share your result.
Continue your streak every day.



You'll be presented with three lines of clues and three couplets. Each couplet contains two boxes (missing words) separated by ampersands.


At least one of the clues will allude to a common phrase that includes "and" (ex: cats & dogs, flotsam & jetsam, etc).

But the puzzle may also include pairings that have no relevance to each other or the other words (ex: hats & pogs, bats & hogs, etc).




1. All the words on the left side of the ampersands will rhyme with each other, and the same goes with all of the words on the right side of the ampersands.

2. The words on one side of the ampersands will never rhyme with the words on the other side.

3. On occasion, imperfect rhymes may be used (ex: dark & monarch, etc).

4. If a clue contains an ampersand, it's meant to be read as two separate things. If it contains the word "and," both clauses may have something to do with both words.

Once you submit your guess, the ampersands of the correct couplets will turn gold and you will no longer be able to change them. The ampersands of the incorrect couplets will morph into a new ampersand design but remain black.

If one of the words in a couplet is correct but the other is not, your couplet will be marked as incorrect.
This may prove infuriating.




Example of completed puzzle:




Share your result and your message will tell how many tries (&s) it took you to solve the puzzle and the date. For example, on August 11, this person solved each couplet in one try. Great job!




Think you have what it takes to write an ampersandi? Submit your own, using this form!

But please follow these basic guidelines... 

1. The first couplet must be a commonly known one that uses AND
(ex: Salt & Pepper, Hall & Oates, Rise & Shine, etc.)
2. Each clue cannot exceed 40 characters
3. Use an & when the clue has two parts (one for each word); use the word "and" when the clue applies to both words in the couplet

For further guidance, read the rest of this page.

If we like your ampersandi, we'll reach out to you and credit you on!

By submitting your ampersandi you understand that we have the right to publish it digitally and in print and use it in marketing materials.


Thanks for submitting!

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