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In effort to squash further unionizing, Amazon has allegedly planned to ban words like "Living Wage" and "Diversity" from their internal chat system. Ok, Bezos... let's play. 

Help your team guess a banned word, but don't use any of the listed clue words — if you do, you'll be censored with a soundbite of Jeff himself. 

There is no cost to download the Bezoo print-n-play PDF — we ask that you please donate what you can to the Amazon Labor Union.

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 2.36.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 2.35.54 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 2.50.03 AM.png

BEZOO Buzzers!

One Bezoo player gets to play as Amazon and actively censor the other players.

They can keep it lo-fi and just yell over forbidden words, or use any of these soundbites to let the billionaire spaceman speak for himself. 

Maniacal Laugh 1
I'm scared.
Maniacal Laugh 2



Fun and rowdy with about six, but works fine with at least three. No upper limit.


Help your team guess an actual banned word — located at the top of each card — without using any of the clue words listed below it. 


The GUESSERS listen to clues and frantically try to guess the banned word. They never see the Bezoo card. For small groups, it's ok if the guesser is just one person.


The HINTER holds the Bezoo card and is on the same team as the Guessers. Everyone on the Hinter's rival team can also see the card.

The CENSOR must intently listen to the Hinter. If the Hinter says any of the clue words or breaks a clue rule, the Censor gets to silence them by using any of the Bezzo Buzzer sounds above. 


  • No variations on the clues. For example: If a clue words is "ham," saying "hamburger" would warrant a buzz. 

  • No "sounds like" or "rhymes with."

  • No gestures.

  • No abbreviations. For example: If a clue word is "friend," saying "BFF" would warrant a buzz. 


Divide into two teams. Decide who will be the first Hinter on each team. Set a timer for three minutes. The hinter tries to get their team to guess a banned word. After the word is guessed, the other team picks up the next card and takes control. The team that is *not* guessing is the team that controls the buzzer. 


If your team guesses a banned word, you get a point!

But, if you anger your corporate overlords and get buzzed, you lose a point.

Any team can donate extra to the Amazon Labor Union for bonus points. 


The PDF has a full color version, black-and-white version, and card backs for both. They're set as standard playing card size, so if you're feeling really fancy, you could print 'em out and use card sleeves. 

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