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Expand the pain and the pleasure with Side Effects' first expansion pack. Enjoy new Disorders, Drugs, and actions that add additional functionality and exciting new dynamics!

Shuffle into the base game 👇


PAIN is a cruel companion. Treat this card before someone can play an Episode on it and gleefully throw away three of your cards. 

Amount in deck = 5

PAIN KILLER ADDICTION, ironically, is similar to PAIN — an Episode will cause you to lose all the drugs in your hand. 

Amount in deck = 5

DRYMOUTH may be the most irritating of all the disorder cards. It is a side effect of ANY drug — meaning if you take any drug card, you are vulnerable to receiving DRYMOUTH. Fortunately, the Episode is rather mild and wildly unenforceable.

Amount in deck = 5


OXICODONE is an insidious drug, but it does help with PAIN and ANXIETY. Place this card horizontally over both disorders to show that you are treating the two with one card.

Amount in deck = 5


DOLOPHINE can help you with your PAINKILLER ADDICTION but it may cause a bit of IMPOTENCE.

Amount in deck = 5

PILOCARPINE is your best friend and your worst enemy — it'll help you with your pesky DRYMOUTH but the side effects are out of control!


Amount in deck = 6


The PLACEBO card can used in two ways:


1. Place it on any Disorder card to protect yourself from having an Episode of that disorder for one round.

2. Play it at the moment someone is giving you an Episode in order to nullify the Episode — discard immediately after.

Amount in deck = 3


MUNCHAUSEN BY PROXY gives the inflictor the ability to give ANYONE any Disorder, despite them not taking Drugs that would cause that Disorder.

Amount in deck = 3


THE MEDICINE CABINET allows you to pull any card out of the discard pile.

Amount in deck = 3


RESTOCK allows you to shuffle the discard pile back into the draw pile AND draw up until your hand has six cards. It's great for getting some of those cards you need back in rotation.

NOTE: If you're already holding six cards, you'll have to discard some before using. This card only allows you to draw until you have six cards (including the ones you already have)

Amount in deck = 3

HIGH TOLERANCE allows the inflictor to remove one Drug card from another player's Psyche.

Amount in deck = 3


MISDIAGNOSIS allows you to swap out one Disorder in your Psyche with one Disorder in your Hand. You can keep (in your Hand) the Disorder you swapped out, but you must discard the MISDIAGNOSIS card.

Amount in deck = 3


FOLIE À DEUX allows the inflictor to make any recently played Episode apply to any other player.

- May be played out of turn -

Amount in deck = 3

PooT (1).png

This symbol is for cards
playable out of turn

Cards played out of turn do not count toward your 2 actions when it is your turn.


To balance the game, you'll be receiving extras of THERAPY and YOU'RE HAVING AN EPISODE

THERAPY lets you discard any Disorder (unless it's immune to Therapy) from your Psyche — discard THERAPY as well.

Amount in deck = 2

YOU'RE HAVING AN EPISODE allows the inflictor to trigger any one of the punishments written on an untreated Disorder of another player.

Amount in deck = 3

Wanna get your hands on this sick expansion pack?
It's available now!

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