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Kickstarting Hex Effects

Dearest well-wishers and game-dishers,

We are delighted to announce an upcoming addition to the Pillbox Games catalog. Journey with us now, back to the Medieval era… to a time when magic, medicine, and science were all one practice…

After much toil and boil, we are proud to say that the Side Effects universe is expanding. Hex Effects is just one of a new suite of Side Effects games — each with their own unique rules, cards, and themes.

In Hex Effects, you play as a clumsy alchemist apprentice. Your rogue experiments have caused you to become afflicted with multiple hexes! Rush to treat them all before your opponents and win the game. 

Fans of Side Effects should be vomiting with joy right now because we’ve taken all the great things about Side Effects but molded them to fit this new theme and a wider audience (unlike Side Effects, Hex Effects is recommended for ages 10 and up). You can now comfortably play a Side Effects game with the whole family — without having to explain to little Timmy what Impotence means.

Hex Effects also comes with new mechanics, such as Performing Alchemy! Which will give you more actions and greater advantages in the game.

We’ll explain how Alchemy works, what the new action cards do, and how the game evolves the mechanics of Side Effects in coming posts, but in the meantime…

Who Wants A Review Copy?

We’ve printed a limited amount of copies to send to reviewers. If you are a game reviewer, with an established following and a track record of game reviews, we want to hear from you! Email us at

Support Hex Effects on Kickstarter

We will be launching Hex Effects on Kickstarter in about a month. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, including our exact launch date and project timeline.

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I'm anxiously awaiting the kickstarter


I can't wait for Hex Effects.

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