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The Hexes are coming! The Hexes are coming! May 16!

A new Pillbox game is (hopefully) coming to life in just under two weeks. We say hopefully because we’re launching it on Kickstarter, which means we need YOUR support to make Hex Effects a reality.

In preparation for this campaign, we're gonna answer some of the frequently asked questions we get about Hex Effects.

How is Hex Effects different from Side Effects?

Hex Effects is very similar to Side Effects, but they’re not the same game. 

The action cards, hex punishments, and additional mechanics play differently and make the game feel familiar but also discernibly new. 

Also, with Side Effects, we wanted the drugs mentioned in the game to be real and to really list those side effects (although we took some liberties with our naming disorder conventions to give it that old-timey feel). Because of this, we were limited to how we balanced the game. But with Hex Effects, the game is entirely fictional, and so we balanced the game exactly how we wanted to.

Which brings us to the theme — a completely new and imaginative world, taking place in the medieval era. You play as a foolhardy alchemist apprentice who accidentally inflicted yourself with four disastrous hexes. The artwork is stunning, silly, and eerie all at the same time.

If you liked Side Effects, you will LOVE this game for both its familiar feel but also the refined mechanics, beautiful artwork, and new actions.

Give me one more example of how Hex Effects is different...

You can perform alchemy! Trade three Remedies (they must be all different) in exchange for stealing a Remedy that another player is using. Or, trade three Hex cards from your hand in exchange for drawing an additional card. 

So, Hex Effects is a standalone game?

That’s right! And if all goes well with this campaign, we’ll continue to develop expansions for Hex Effects in the same way we’re doing with Side Effects.

What inspired this?

We loved the idea of inventing our own lore for this game. AND, it’s easier for the whole family to play Hex Effects (Side Effects contains some grown-up stuff). We're super excited to finally be developing a game suited for ages 10 and up.

Support the Hex Effects campaign on Kickstarter Thursday, MAY 16!

We'll be sure to blast out a link to the page when it's up.

In the meantime, sign up for our mailing list (bottom of this page). And follow us on Instagram (click the word Instagram for a link!) @PillboxGames.

And of course, like always, we will have fun surprises. Can you expect any less?

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