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2 Days Out: News on Hex Effects

MAY 16! We’re so close! And we’ve got some important news about the Hex Effects campaign.

If you haven’t already, hit this button and then “Notify me on launch” — you’ll be notified as soon as we launch the campaign this Thursday.

Hex & the Cities: We can ship to other countries

Our most frequent complaint is that shipping costs are too darn high. And we usually respond with, “We don’t control the mail! Maelnoch, the god of mail, controls the mail — and they are a powerful and unrelenting force. We bow to you Maelnoch! We praise you! We beg for your benevolence!!!”

But now we can say, “Shipping to select countries will be a lot more affordable!” We’ve partnered with a fulfillment company that is helping us with all the nitty gritty stuff like VAT taxes and making sure our games can be affordably shipped to our most popular destinations.

Hit the button below for a list of shipping estimates.

Hexes Sales Event: There will be discounts

All our pledge tiers will include our discounts on our products and games. So if you’re looking to buy a Pillbox game, maybe wait for the Hex Effects campaign?

You also might have noticed that we just sold out of the Side Effects Booster Shot. We are in the process of ordering more, but right now the only place you can get a Booster is through the Kickstarter campaign.

Blood Sugar Hex Musick: Listen to the Hex Effects theme song!

The music for the Hex Effects trailer is online. Let that Hexy music fill your ear holes like Whisper Worms.

And if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, do watch that — it’s pretty cool.

Hex Marks the Spot: Come promptly on day one

Remember, the first day of Kickstarter campaigns is the most important. So come show your support on day one! We’ve got great stretch goals we want to hit, and we can only do that with your help on day one.

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