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The Ampersandi: new riddles every Monday & Friday

Dear everyone, everywhere, all at once!

We’ve got a fun new thing that’ll make you look forward to Mondays and Fridays. Nope, it’s not new episodes of Better Call Saul — I could see why you’d think that though. But no… also that show was created before Pillbox was a company. It’s not a great guess, to be perfectly honest.

But here’s where you can stick your great guesses!

Pronounced am-per-sand-ee, the Ampersandi is a new riddle form, involving three rhyming couplets and a series of enigmatic clues. Figure out the words in the couplets and you’ll be rewarded with bragging rights (seriously, share with your friends and track your progress).

The first clue will allude to a common AND phrase but the others may not. If you think you’ve figured out the riddle, Hit SUBMIT to check if your answers are correct. If even one of your couplets is correct, you’ll see its ampersand turn a pleasing shade of gold. If a couplet is incorrect, its ampersand will change shape but remain black — this is true even if one word is correct but the other isn’t, which is EXTREMELY frustrating. Like, seriously, just tell me if one of the words is right so I can keep guessing every rhyme of that word until I get the other answers and I wouldn’t have to put any brain power into actually thinking too hard about what the clues are trying to tell me. Basically, just let me cheat — why can’t you just let me cheat Ampersandi! Ughhhhh!

Anywhoo, it’s FUN!

Try it out. New ones will be posted every Monday and Friday. The Friday ones tend to be a wee bit harder than the Monday ones, but don’t fret — you’re super smart and I have total faith in you.

Play The Ampersandi here:

For more detailed rules and instructions, go here.

Quick update on MUD and Side Effects

Everything is still on track for the games to arrive in October. So expect them to be shipped out from our warehouse in Georgia at that time, and allow for any additional shipping time.

For those who backed MUD on Kickstarter, thank you thank you, and please, if you haven’t done so already, complete your Backerkit survey. This tells us where to ship your reward, and if we don’t have it, we can’t ship it to you. So far, only about 80% have completed the survey. Please, please, please do it soon.

If you want Side Effects, ask your local store to carry it

As we prepare to restock Side Effects games, we’d love your help in getting the word out. Request that wherever you buy your board games carry Side Effects. It’s the one with the skull on the cover, you can say.

Thanks all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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