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We’re going to PAX Unplugged 2023!


Guess what?!

…yeah, how’d you know that?

Oh, I wrote it in the headline. Yes! We’re going to PAX Unplugged. Booth number 3511.

Come out and see us in the lovely city of Philadelphia, where Jade and Jasmine (from Pillbox Games) are from, by the way.

You can buy tickets via your personal ticket butler or just click the link below.

“Side Effects: Booster Shot” sold out!

The Boosters are sold out! We are ordering more though and they should arrive sometime early next year (2024). We also have 200 copies we’re bringing to PAX Unplugged, so you can get one from us there.

You Don’t Know MUD

There’s been a lot of love for Side Effects lately, with the Booster Shot expansion and the new Hex Effects game being developed for 2024. But people like to act like they forgot about MUD.

MUD is a fantastically fun strategy card game, involving set collection and hindering your opponents.

We still have a limited amount of our premium Kickstarter edition, but we're running low! Get yours before we run out.

If you're a fan of this game, we’d love to hear your strategies of how you play. Some people (Jen) love to rack up Scandal cards, with the strategy that, more often than not, the punishment of the Scandal won’t be that devastating. Other people try to play it as safe as possible — using very few RAT powers. Let us know how you play in the comments below!

Want fresh updates?

Follow us on Instagram! It’s the social channel where we’re the most active, and we tend to publish shots of new games and prototypes frequently.

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