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MUD [limited edition]

MUD [limited edition]

SKU: 674831


MUD is a game of strategy and cunning determination. You are a wealthy moguel hellbent on taking over the presidential election. You do this by collecting beautifully illustrated voter cards. But, if you're feeling villainous, you can use RAT cards to steal voters or otherwise influence the game. Just be aware that for every RAT you play, you must also take a SCANDAL card, which bears a unique punishment that is only enacted when someone plays a DIG card on you.

  • No knowledge of politics is necessary, and no sides taken!
  • Perfect for 2 to 6 players, ages 14+
  • Takes about 30-40mins per game
  • Goregously and meticulously designed
  • A great gift for anyone who enjoys games, politics, art, or being sneaky
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