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The Doctor is In!

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there.

I was busy over here, stocking THE SIDE EFFECTS EXPANSION BACK!

That’s right — it’s not on pre-order anymore. It’s on Order Order. So go order order some Booster Shots for you and your loved ones’ loved ones.

Depending on where you live, delivery takes about 2 weeks.

How to use the Booster

You'll find that your entire Booster Shot will fit conveniently into your Side Effects box! But we still recommend to use the deck as a spice. If you shuffle the entire expansion pack into the main Side Effects deck, your dish will be strong — and by strong we mean long. Expect a longer, more volatile and dynamic game (approx 35 to 55min).

You may love it (some like it hot). But if you’re finding the game is going on for too long, simply remove some of the extra cards — it’s as simple as that.

The only thing you need to remember is to have equal Drug cards as there are Disorder cards (and in the case of Dry Mouth, it’s good to have one additional Drug card).

Ampersandi is going daily-sandi

We love that you love The Ampersandi. (And if you don’t love it, maybe you should go in the corner and think about all the ways you could be a better person.) So we’re pleased to announce, we’re working on a total platform upgrade that includes in-app hints, a puzzle archive, and much more. But best yet — we’re going to be publishing DAILY!

Of course, with daily ampersandis comes more demand.

So if you’ve got a good idea for one, please submit! You’ll get your name included at the top of the puzzle.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to submit your ampersandi.

Development is underway and it may take some time, but stay tuned and keep playing!

But before we go, there’s ONE MORE THING…

Hexes to perplex us

If you like Side Effects, you’re going to love our newest game, Hex Effects.

Because Side Effects is a more mature game, we wanted to create a version that the whole family could play. It’s the same mechanics as Side Effects but it’s not quite a reskin — we added new features and optimized the mechanics. Call it a reboot, if you will.

You play as an apprentice to a master alchemist in Paris, circa 1186. During a time when your master is away, you decide to do some experiments of your own… which leads to horrible disasters. You must find the right treatments to cure your ailments. But being the clumsy amateur you are, things might not turn out exactly the way you had hoped — resulting in unfortunate side effects.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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I just received the expansion pack and totally didn't take into consideration that I have the gold trimmed cards from the kickstarter, but the expansion pack is just the regular white cards. Uh.....oops. Is there a plan to make a pack of boosters to accommodate the kickstarter box?


Re: KS copies. Thank you so much for backing the original KS for Side Effects! The Kickstarter edition is a collector's item at this point, as we only printed about 4,000 copies and will never print it again. It had a lot of bells and whistles that were unsustainable from a cost perspective. One of those, unfortunately, was the gold foil edges. Since there are now more than 40,000 Side Effects (non-KS editions) in circulation, and none of which have gold foil edges, it just made sense to make the booster w/o foil edges. I'm sorry it doesn't sync with your special KS edition nicely, but for you (or anyone else) who has this KS edition and wants to purchase…



Re: shipping. We're very upset about the shipping costs, too. Most fulfillment companies have warehouses in multiple countries, which greatly reduces shipping costs. Ours does not, so all the games are shipped from the same place in the State of Georgia. And one-off shipments like this are weirdly expensive. The best thing to do is bug your local game store to order a few — it'll help you get the game at a lower cost and it helps raise awareness of us in general.


I wanted to purchase the Side Effects expansion pack. But... Someone definitevely triggered an episode on the shipping cost! « 60$ if player is outside US: since the shipping cost is almost FOUR times the price of the expansion, DO NOT BUY, just wait until Pillbox find a cure. »


Radomir Bossev
Radomir Bossev

I'm really excited for an expansion, love playing with my coworkers but 60$ for shipping outside the US is crazy. Can you not work with your fulfillment company on a EU release too? I tried other countries just to test and anything outside of NA is 60$, for a 17$ game...

If you get it down to something like 20$ it would be reasonable, since the package will have some weight to it.


Mandy J
Mandy J

What the heckfire is with shipping to Australia costing $60 for a $17 booster pack of cards? I really would like to get this expansion as the original game I bought through Kickstarter is a household favourite but jeez... That's just wildly overpriced. No other shipping options?

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