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We’ve received some disturbing news…

It seems a video is going around where an unidentified man, who has somehow gotten a hold of a MUD prototype, claims to have found a secret message in the cards.

The man in the video below connects anomalous colors on the MUD card backs in order to produce a strange and unknown symbol. He then goes on to expound that this symbol is used in a variety of cabalistic theories about world leaders, the US government, and an organization of presumed cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers.

We would like to address this video and the claims made therein. Quite simply, they are false. As far as why those markings appeared on the card backs, we don’t know and we don’t want to know.

Early in the making of this game, Ben (our illustrator) received a warning from his photo editing program because he was modeling our cards after US currency. This warning is to prevent counterfeiting, but apparently it alerted some people to our game. Soon after, we were contacted by a group who asserted itself to be a representing body of the seventh branch of the government. They proceeded to give feedback in our card design that was vague yet micromanaging.

The result was a stunning work of art and social satire… with some strange letters and dots mis-colored. That’s all.

The symbol produced doesn’t look like anything, frankly. Unless you turn it on its side...

Then, it looks like some kind of eye. Perhaps the Eye of Providence… the symbol on the Great Seal of the United States!

Or maybe it’s something else entirely. Who knows.

P.S. We do not support or condone the behaviors and/or rhetoric of the mole people.

Artist rendering

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