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This is just to say

to all those who supported our MUD campaign.

You are heroes to us and we shan't let you down. Expect to see not just a kick-ass MUD game in the coming world, but also future games, expansions, and even some treasure hunts.

We'll be updating you all on MUD (including the winner of the Rat card contest) very soon, but we're still getting our ducks in order. So in the meantime, the rest of this blog post will just be a personal message to my dad:

Hi Dad,

I finished Ori and the Blind Forest and it was really good. Thanks for recommending it! I then started re-playing Super Metroid on the Switch and it's still just as good as it was in 1993! Although, I forget how to get to the boss in Maridia — I feel like I've been going in circles. Do you remember how to get through?

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Kat came up with this cool idea to do things like make your plate into a face and take a picture of it — that way we could all share pictures of our face-food plates and it would be like we're doing something together even though we'll be apart. Hope you're heathy and well! Love,


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