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The Last Day to Get Hexed

We're in the final hours now. This is your last chance to get Hex Effects before the campaign ends!

Hex Effects plays just as well as Side Effects, and in some regards even slightly better. The play style has been refined and tuned for a different experience we very much think you're going to enjoy. You can get your hands on the initial run at a discount, but only if you buy today!

2 to 8 players. Takes minutes to learn. Ages 10 and up.

Campaign discounts

Here's a quick rundown of the savings you can expect when buying our cool stuff today as opposed to waiting:

The Everythinger — all items during the campaign = $100 The Everythinger — all items AFTER the campaign = $146.99

SAVINGS: $46.99 

The Sorcerer — all items during the campaign = $55 The Sorcerer — all items AFTER the campaign = $80


The Doctor — all items during the campaign = $55 The Doctor — all items AFTER the campaign = $66.99 

SAVINGS: $11.99

Hex Effects during the campaign = $20 Hex Effects AFTER the campaign = $25


Supporting this campaign is supporting small business weirdos

Backing this game on Kickstarter does so much good for us. It not only allows us to produce great games, but it also helps us sustain our business, and alert retailers to the demand of our products. So if you're on the fence about getting this game, we'd really love to nudge you over onto that side where you're buying the game. You'll have fun. We'll be able to make more games that cause people to have fun. It's like a fun wheel that just keeps on spinning.

It's a fun wheel 🙂🙃🙂🙃

If you did back the campaign, THANK YOU!

Check out the latest update that details what's coming next...

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