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Supply Chained: Side Effects has been delayed

You've probably heard the phrase "Supply chain issues" more this year than any other. We certainly have. And it's one thing to listen to it talked about as a problem far away, on the news (microchip delays, can't get a PS5, etc. etc.), and another to be facing it head on — like we are.

For nearly two months, the new Side Effects games we manufactured have been sitting in the port of Savannah, awaiting transport to our shipping partner for distribution to various people and stores around the world.

If you pre-ordered a Side Effects game to give as a present for the holidays, we unfortunately have to say it might not arrive in time.

We've been checking every day for movement at the port. The only answer we get is that it could be any day now. Yeah, frustrating. And it's especially heartbreaking that the games seem so close to being sent, but there's just too much congestion at the port to get them off the boat they came in on. For reference.

We'll be posting another update as soon as we have more information. But until then, it seems we share something in common with our games — sitting and waiting.

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