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Side Effects Are Back!

Well isn’t this a Christmas miracle — Side Effects are out of the port and at our distributor’s warehouse. You can now order Side Effects for purchase and receive your copy in the next few weeks (depending on your location, of course — I mean, if you live in the North Pole, it might take longer… looking at you, Mrs. Claus).

Wait, is this a miracle?

Well, no. If it were, we’d probably get them with time for you to have the game at your door by the winter holidays.

The good news is that they make excellent Groundhog Day gifts!!!

But what about the MUD pledge manager?

I’m so glad you asked, text I just wrote! Expect the pledge manager from Backerkit coming in early 2022.

This means that MUD will probably arrive by the springtime — as long as we continue to pray to the god of supply chains, Taurus Flagellum!


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1 Comment

Austin Hartman
Austin Hartman
Feb 13, 2022

I finally got Side Effects for myself, but it is different than the one my friend got when she backed it via Kickstarter years ago. I was saddened to discover the main game doesn't include the "Misdiagnosed" or the "Medication Tolerance" cards. Was that a Backer Exclusive thing or will you be making those extra cards part of a Booster Pack, sold separately? They really add a lot to the variability to the game's flow! I would very much like to buy those and put them into play!

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