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Pre-Order Open: Get Ready to Experience Side Effects!

We did it, numbskulls! We’re making a retail version of Side Effects. Art is being finalized now, and we’ll be sending it off to Panda for printing. Expected delivery date is sometime early 2020.

Get yours today, and keep a lookout for more updates like this one.

Boy, does this take us back. We were hanging out in Jen’s opium den the other day just reminiscing about the good old days of Side Effects: shooting the video, putting up the Kickstarter page…

And then it dawned on us—we should do it all over again!

But Ben rightly pointed out that instead of doing it exactly the same, we should launch an entirely new game.


Well, we can’t tell you. BUT, we can give you enigmatic clues, like…


Leap years.

Rat sex.

Also, it’s going to involve a ton of backstabbing, dealbreaking, and smack talking. Oh, and there will be cards.

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