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Hex Effects Card Lore

Hex Effects is full of strange maladies and weird remedies, let's dive deeper into the story inside the game. Behold the lore of the cards!



A dreadful Hex born of lost love. Flowers begin to bloom inside your stomach and pour out of you any way they can.

Like a poem spoke / roses still have thorns that poke / Better not to love.

Powder of a Thousand Moths

This Remedy, originating from Japan, is made of finely crushed scaly-winged insects. Brew it into a tea and wrap yourself in a cocoon of silk blankets — you should feel the transformation in minutes.



Can be caused by coming into contact with acidic perfumes, insects, or bureaucrats, this Hex is the ultimate existential crisis. Try to remain calm and resist the urge to crawl under the sink.

Interdimensional Honey

It’s said that the bees that made this honey were so obsessed with maximizing its sweetness that the result broke a hole in the space-time continuum. Eating some can make you feel more yourself — but don’t eat too much. And definitely don’t leave it out; it will attract rodents.


[wis-per werms]

These insidious parasites worm their way into your ears while you’re distracted. If unnoticed, they will whisper things so softly, you may mistake them for your own thoughts. Because they feed on fatty brain matter, they often encourage their hosts to lie about, unmotivated, and indulge in overconsumption. Their ideal host is sluggish and unencumbered by friends or self aggrandizing pursuits.

Everfrost Eardrops

Made in the mystic healing pools of the far north countries, the Everfrost Eardrops jolt the mind into an invigorated state, like a cold plunge of the brain. But be careful! Although these may promote personal growth, too much can cause a bit too much personal growth.


[kis of nar-cis-sus]

Named after the tragic figure in Greek mythology, this Hex charms its subject into falling madly in love… with themself. While on its face, this doesn’t sound entirely malicious, the subject’s self-adoration becomes all consuming, as they ignore all their maladies, neglect their medicine, and refuse even the most casual of acquaintances.

Mandrake Milk

This milk of the Mandrake root is so horrendously disgusting, it’s able to snap even the most charmed of individuals back into reality. The milk is said to bring on feelings of utter humility, allowing the consumer to bask in the revelation that maybe they’re not all that great. Drink responsibly.


[pie-pers plyt]

Yes, the pied piper led the rats away but after that they wouldn’t leave him alone! With this Hex, the rats see you as some kind of glorious prophet, destined to lead them to rat paradise. 

Li Shou’s Ocarina

Break the Piper’s Plight with this clever device from China. Legend states that the instrument awakens the spirit of the cat goddess Li Shou. Although the music is terrifying to vermin, if played improperly, it may make the musician as docile as a cat by a sunny window.



Literally translated to multiple limbs, this Hex causes many arms to grow from the subject. If this sounds like more of a gift than a curse, understand that these arms are uncontrollable and often act in the opposite of the subject’s best interest.

Sentient Slime

Apply some of this slime to ameliorate the evil arms. Just be warned that the slime is fully self aware and may attempt to talk you into purchasing a slot in its timeshare property. Should you apply too much, its consciousness may seep into your own. Or it could give you a nasty rash.


[sin-a-stir spors]

This particular brand of mushroom is not a fungi. It is a malicious fungal entity, hellbent on conquering the world. Once the spores lock into your clothes and skin, they begin to bloom purplish mushrooms that slowly lock the subject in place. The subject would ordinarily wash them off immediately but the Sinister Spores Hex spins their brain into a weird fantasy world, similar to the stories of Lewis Carroll.  

Eau D’Acide No. 7

Invented by a mad French perfumer, the Eau D’Acide No. 7 burns like heck but smells like spring rain. Spritz one puff of this purple potion on your Sinister Spores to wither them away, but not a puff more. Should you over-puff, you may experience strange changes on the surface of your skin. But hey, c’est la vie.


Bought by a traveling merchant off the back of a cart, this creamy potion promises to do it all — yet offers very little evidence to support its claims. The traveling merchant, known only as Breslin, says the concoction is composed of snake venom, dog’s milk, and a handle of fine Irish whiskey. It couldn’t hurt to try some but… it probably won’t help in the long run.


The Jinx is a strange and mythical creature that appears and vanishes at will. At times, it shows up to help you reap vengeance on those who have wronged you. Other times, it helps your enemies smite you in return. It seems to exist purely to jest and feeds on chaos itself. Its cackle is unforgettable. Its stench is both horrendous and weirdly pleasant. It lives in the in-between of love and hate, good and evil, reality and fantasy. Language and… 

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1 Comment

I love the lore! The back story of each card was thrilling to read about in a mystical humorous way. Pray tell, is there a book in the making about these dark and colorful creepy beings, potions and hexes? I predict this will go far!

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