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Everything is Coming

And so is everyone! After a lengthy delay, we are receiving our Pioneer Boxes!

Here’s what happened: Our box maker is based in Ukraine and after we received a prototype and settled on a design, we lost touch with him for months! We were searching for other box makers who could produce the box we promised but we were having trouble finding something that had a similar quality. Then, the original box maker resurfaced! To our relief he’s OK and back to work. It’s been a little spotty in terms of communication but we have confirmation that the bulk order is being sent to us now. We’re so happy that he’s doing fine and that we could still support this Ukrainian designer.

The cover image has since been refined to improve quality.

The boxes will be big enough to fit all the MUD cards and a little room to get your fingers in there. Wrap it up with the crazy horse leather and hear that pleasant clickity clack while you take your MUD along your journey.

Thank you for your donations!

Speaking of Ukraine, we promised to match donations made to support Ukraine on our Backerkit survey — and we’ve done just that. Thanks to you, we’ve made a $500 donation to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Cool, but what about all the other stuff?

Good news!! The letterpress prints are in and ready to ship.

As are the Pillboxy patches we offered in our Backerkit survey…

Once the Pioneer boxes arrive, we’ll be sending out all your items (including the portrait prints) to Backers.

Plus, we will soon have all the items to complete our Mystery Boxes!

Those who purchased a mystery box will either be delighted by a wonderful surprise or horribly, horribly disappointed. Why do we keep doing this? Because you keep buying them!

Congrats to the Winners!

The first two places have been won for the secret MUD game! Congratulations to the smartypants! Your prizes are being assembled and should arrive soon. Also, third place is still up for grabs!


Two things you can achieve when you get your ampersandi published on! Haven’t you heard? is THE place to publish your ampersandis. And you can do it now because submissions are finally open.

Just an FYI, we cannot get back to everyone who submits and not every submission will be accepted. If you don’t hear from us in a long time, you can either cry or submit a new ampersandi. We recommend the second one.

The submission form is at the bottom of this page.

Stay tuned for a future update concerning the Side Effects BOOSTER SHOT (our debut expansion pack).

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