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Are YOU Watching the Clouds??

Well, don't!—You should be watching those inboxes!

Recently, we posted an update regarding your precious MUD Kickstarter backers.

AND, important info on how to finally get your mitts on them!

What do I need to do??

Baccarat! No, Burt Bacharach? No! BACKERKIT!! That’s it!

Keep your eyes peeled for that BackerKit email. All we need is your shipping info and payment to start sending these MUD babies out!

Expect to be expecting them over the summer!

Ship Happens

Particularly for overseas, shipping is pretty hefty. Furthermore, because not every item is coming from the same place (but they're all coming from the US), shipping prices for certain items are slightly different than others. Sadly, shipping has been much more than a big pain in the posterior!

BUT—GOOD NEWS! If you haven't yet gotten a copy of Side Effects for your family, friends, your cats, and your friend's cats then you can easily add it to your order of MUD with limited additional shipping cost.

Tip jar = donations to Ukraine

BackerKit offers a "tip jar" in their template. We're accepting "tips" but donating all of them to UNICEF to support the war in Ukraine.

Well, that's it. Nothing left for you to do except Keep Calm, and Check Your Spam.

Till next time, thank you again for your support!

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