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Curiously strange.
Seriously fun.

Pillbox Games is an independent game company from Brooklyn. We specialize in quality physical and digital games that are beautifully designed and easy to learn.

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Featured games

Play our daily word puzzle game! Solve the clues to find the three rhyming pairs.

It's like a crossword puzzle meets a poem.

Share your result with your friends!

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You’ll never wanna stop playing

And why should you!? Life is short. And it’s certainly too short for mediocre games. That’s why we spend tireless hours making sure each product we produce not only plays great, but is also made from quality materials, and looks awesome displayed on your coffee table.

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“Awesome! Bought [Side Effects] for game night with my adult children. It's become a top request. The expansion pack is definitely worth it, especially for 4+ players."

Shop Our Stuff

Want our games in your store?

You've got it! Click through to the retail page and fill out the form to get started. We sell our products in game/hobby stores worldwide and in select big box retailers, such as Barnes & Noble.

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Merch from Pillbox games!

We feature a variety of Pillbox game merchandise available for purchase. From apparel to collectibles, our selection offers something for every fan. Explore our site to find unique items and enhance your collection.


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

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