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Side Effects sold out... sort of (buy here instead, for now)


The infamous meditating bird is coming to town?? Pft, we wish..

No no no, it stands for Oh My Goodness, Out Of Side Effects!

But-but-but you said there was moooorrrrreeeee.

I know, this was a bit of a surprise to us... but—ALL IS NOT LOST!

Barnes & Noble has Side Effects!

That's right. AND—you can order it right from their website.

(from Barnes & Noble)

Well, we showed you the way—

Now it's on you fellow game-lovers...

Expansion Expansion

We've made some great progress on the expansion pack recently and we can share a few details...

  1. There will likely be around 55 cards, ballpark.

  2. It will include some familiar cards but mostly ones you've never seen

  3. There will be new disorders and treatments included

All for now! On to more important things like...

The Goonies? Yay or nay?

For some, it's a cherished classic. Others, it's a cheesy 80s movie about ill-behaved children. Let us know your inner most thoughts about this!

Until next time... Tah-Tah!

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Do you have a date for side effects restock worldwide?

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