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Final week for Hex Effects

Attention lovers of good things! The Hex Effects campaign (a good thing) has entered its final week. These are your last seven days to get Hex Effects, plus our other games, and exclusive merchandise at a greatly discounted rate — while also supporting our business.

As time is running out, please hop over to the Hex Effects Kickstarter page now and select the tier for you.

Here’s a rundown of some of the things we’re offering…


Because we’ve now crossed the $50K mark on our campaign, we’re bespoking the heck out of this edition with upgraded materials, interior box art, and two bonus action cards.

Hex Effects will retail at $25, but will NOT include extras, like the bonus card DEUS HEX MACHINA. Get it with all the bells and whistles during this campaign for just $20!

Design for the newest bonus card exclusive to this edition!


Play Hex Effects in style, with this incredibly ornate playmat (that you can also wear as a bandana). 


The first expansion pack for Side Effects (currently sold out everywhere else) is available here for less! Shuffle in new Disorders (like Dry Mouth), new Drugs (one that treats TWO Disorders at once), and new Action cards (like Folie a Deux). 


We’re preparing some really cool patches (do you like things that glow in the dark?) that you’ll get at a discount if you back The Sorcerer tier or The Everythinger tier.

Example patch we made for the MUD Kickstarter


Backing The Everythinger also gets you MUD — our fast-paced, strategy game where you’re trying to steal an election! For those of you who live abroad and haven’t been able to get a copy, we’re shipping a select number of MUD games overseas so you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg on shipping costs for it. But it’s only available in The Everythinger (which includes… well… everything).

And there’s much more to choose from! So go now and make your selection before time runs out.

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