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Sea They're Coming!

At long last Side Effects and MUD are sailing along the open ocean with a direct course to our distributors.

What fantastic news!—Your long awaited game will soon be within an arms reach!

Get ready to expand!

We'll be unveiling the first "Booster Shot" expansion pack across our social media channels.

The artwork, mechanics, and rules are nearly complete. We are tremendously excited to debut all of it!!

Cant Wait for a Teaser? Good neither can we...

Here's one of the new cards and its function:

NEW! Action Card:

Folie à Deux - When an episode card is played on someone, you can apply that same Episode to another player — this card can be played out of turn!

There will be many more action cards, plus three new Disorder cards and three new Drug cards — and those will all integrate seamlessly into the base Side Effects game.

Keep checking social media for more teasers!


If you haven't yet checked out our new riddle game Ampersandi, here's a link:

"Addicting, challenging, and wildly fun!" A new ampersandi riddle is available every Monday and Friday!

Share your results with friends and family or maybe just with your pet fish who enjoys riddles. Ampersandi tip: every ampersandi begins with a popular "and" phrase.

Thank you all for your support and patience!

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Michael Boory
Michael Boory
Oct 07, 2022

When will Side Effects be restocked?


Sep 21, 2022

Will the Kickstarter only cards be included in the pack? If not is there any way to get them? Super excited to cure more ailments I've been coming down with!

Unknown member
Sep 21, 2022
Replying to

Absolutely! Misdiagnosis and High Tolerance will be in this pack.

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