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Hellllllllllooooo, everybody!

Well, whaddaya know? It’s May. But then again, it’s always May.

That means, it's time for an update!

I Think I Just Shipped Myself

We got word that our games are due to arrive by freight in the US on June 6.

From there, it gets picked up by our shipping partner, and then mailed out to you. And because of COVID, I would expect significant delays. To be safe, expect it to arrive by the end of June. That’s all we know.

Oh and this…

3 Side Effects Games Contain Golden Pills

Technically, they’re silver and gold.

Yes, out of this run of 3000 games, 0.1% of them have a special prize. And each prize is different.

One is a free copy of the Kickstarter edition of Side Effects (premium magnetic box, gold edging on the cards, and more), plus a free copy of our next game, MUD.

One is your picture on a billboard in Times Square, and a monthly letter from one of our moms for one year.

One is free games for life. That’s right. Anytime we release a game, you are entitled to one free copy, forever.

Can I Leave My Free Games Prize in My Will?

Of course! Get that shit notarized.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning?

Buy more games, of course! Here’s a link to the PRE-ORDER.

But we truly have no control over where these golden pills go. They could all wind up in one place, like that episode of The Office. So, don’t try to sweet talk us into… wait, no, do that: sweet talk us.

What Can I Do In the Meantime? I’m So Fucking Bored.

Ok, ok, no need to result to profanity.

We have a game for you that’ll allow you to play with friends but also maintain your social distance!

It’s called Alcázar, and it’s a physical game you can play remotely. Players just need a deck of playing cards.

Click here for

That’s it for now! Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay playing.


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