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Hello and welcome back! It’s been a while since we last updated this dusty old blog. Why, there are still some candies sitting here on the backend content management system! Hmm… do you think they’re still edible? Probably not, right? Ah! I can’t help it.

Oh I see… they are not, in fact, candies, but rather dried up pill bugs. Yuck.

Anywho… guess what we’re working on???


It’s Bonus Side Effects Cards!

We are preparing to launch a small pack of bonus Side Effects cards that will include Misdiagnosis and High Tolerance (previously only available with the Kickstarter edition), plus many others!

But we need your help...

Suggest a bonus card we can include, in the comments below

If we like your idea, we’ll make it into an actual real bonafide Side Effects bonus card!

Have at thee!!!!


We are liquidating our inventory with our current shipping partner and it turns out we still have some Side Effects games in specific regions.

3 Games for the UK 🇬🇧

14 Games for China 🇨🇳

If you live in either of these regions, order your game now and we’ll ship it out to you ASAP.

Hurry, they’ll likely move quickly.

I’m gonna have a few more of these candies!

PS. For more info on MUD, visit the MUD Kickstarter page and view the updates. We will be publishing more updates as we finalize the game.

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Nov 11, 2021


Discard any number of cards to draw up the same.

(Honestly biggest drawback my groups have found is having several empty rounds unable to do anything with the hand of useless cards in hand, this could mitigate that.)

'Refill Prescription'

Draw three cards, discard three cards.


Therapy only.

Side effect: Trade hands with inflictor.

'Mass Hypnosis'

All players pass two cards to the player to the left.


Therapy only.

Side effect: Draw card per player, choose who gets what besides yourself.


Place on one disorder. Blocks the first Episode card used against this disorder than discard.

(Essentially a one time shield. Alternatively could be used as a "nope" card.)


Derk Grant
Derk Grant
Oct 19, 2021


Steal a therapy card from another player or from the discard pile.


Therapy no help: Insomnia, constipation, Chronic fatigue Syndrome

Therapy can help: Paranoia (a side effect would be Insomnia)

Friend/Family card: Unable to have an episode for one disease, but also unable to treat it for one round.

Dog/pet card: Draw a card but the card must be played or discarded (imitating the act of playing fetch) OR Lose a card at random (Furniture destroyed), but also draw a card (Love for pets)


Capgras Syndrome, perhaps a full hand swap? Big fan of y'all!


More suggestions! Sorry I'm just having fun brainstorming.

'Hoarder' - Used to allow a player to take an extra 2 cards from the center deck.

'Dementia' - Used to stop a player from placing any medication cards on their psyche.

Therapy/action cards are unaffected and can be played as normal.

Player must discard 2 cards to get rid of 'dementia' card. In case player only has 1 card in their hands, then they discard just the 1 card.

'Split personality' - Used to swap a players entire psyche with an opponent's entire psyche;

Treated or untreated. Discard 'split personality' after use.

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